About Us

The Cycle for Unity Foundation is the first-ever non-profit organization utilizing physical fitness and leadership training to bolster Jewish unity and promote the culture of Jewish philanthropy.  Through truly innovative programming and top-level personal instruction, the organization creates frameworks that help young adults reach new levels of self-confidence and self-discovery, while renewing and expanding interest in Jewish heritage and identity.

Cycle for Unity seeks to cultivate an international network of Jewish youth who are excited about personal growth and communal development (Tikkun Olam) and are equipped with the tools to implement both effectively.


An alternative to traditional Jewish programming, Cycle for Unity is ideally suited for young adults who could be categorized as “kinesthetic Jews” – young adults who actively seek self-improvement and expression through a combination of physical challenges, community service, advocacy and philanthropy.

For this reason, Cycle for Unity has developed a range of projects that help Jewish youth achieve a sense of fulfillment with a holistic approach that aims to develop each participant’s mind, body and soul.

We accomplish this by combining incredible cycling experiences with advanced leadership training, moderated discussions on Jewish thought, guided tours of Jewish heritage sites and a profound emphasis on giving.

By providing a unique platform through which young adults can explore every aspect of who they are – from the physical to the emotional to the spiritual,  Cycle for Unity is blazing new trails in Jewish education and changing the face of Jewish connectivity programming.

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