A Smooth Ride

…On the Trail

Cycle for Unity seeks to create an environment that encourages riders – young leaders from diverse backgrounds – to learn from one another. In an effort to accommodate as many riders as possible, all Cycle for Unity programming is run under Orthodox auspices with strictly Kosher meals, prayer services and traditional observance of Shabbat.  Those who do not wish to observe those traditions are asked only to be respectful of those who do.

 …And in the Office

Cycle for Unity is committed to providing an environment that is free from discrimination in employment and opportunity because of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, disability, gender, sexual orientation, age or other legally protected characteristics.

Cycle for Unity believes that an understanding of and an appreciation for differences lead to healthy and inclusive communities. We believe that by respecting all people, hearing all voices and celebrating our shared humanity, we make better decisions for ourselves and for the communities we serve.

Organizational Beneficiaries