Cancelation Policy

Cancellation Policy – please read carefully

From the moment you register for a Ride, and in particular the closer we get to the Ride itself, Cycle for Unity starts incurring expenses, much of which are non recoverable in the event of cancellation. For that reason, we have instituted the following cancellation policy.

Cycle For Unity highly recommends that each rider secure cancellation insurance that will cover application and registration fees and other related costs. If you can’t attend a ride for any number of reasons, including training injury, illness, traffic accidents, unforeseen family situations and more, you’ll be reimbursed thorough this insurance according to their terms. Cycle For Unity can not be responsible for cancellations that arise from training injuries and other unfortunate circumstances. The following cancellation policy will apply.

All withdrawals must be in writing via email to:

Policy for One Day Ride Withdrawals, Refunds & Cancellations:

  • All withdrawals must be in writing via email (to: ).

  • 75% of the Program fee is refundable if cancellations occur more than 7 days prior to the ride start date

  • 50% of the Program fee is refundable if cancellations occur more than 72 hour prior to the ride start date.

  • Cancellation refunds are not available if made within 72 hours of the ride.

Policy for Multi Day Rides – Unless Otherwise noted

Withdrawals, Refunds & Cancelations – All withdrawals must be in writing via email or fax and refunds will be given based on the following schedule:

  • Once a participant has been accepted, any application fee is non-refundable
  • 75% of the Program fee is refundable in cancellations that occur 46 days or more prior to the program start date
  •  50% of the Program fee is refundable if cancellations occur 45-31 days prior to the ride start date.
  •  No refunds are available for cancellations within 33 days of the ride
  •  Should a participant be removed from the program for any reason, including but not limited to violating rules of conduct, application and registration fees will be not be refunded.
  •  In the event of a cancellation of a Cycle for Unity program, a complete refund shall be made of all monies paid.

Fund Raising Goals

  • Cycle for Unity is about raising funds for the Charity of your Choice, having and amazing experience and the best and safest Ride possible.
  • Accordingly, once a rider registers with Cycle for Unity, the rider becomes a committed rider and is fully responsible for raising the fundraising minimum, whether or not the rider participates in the event.
  •  If I am unsuccessful in raising the minimum in sponsorships, I will personally contribute to ensure that the minimum amount posted for each ride is transferred to Cycle for Unity.
  • Not raising the minimum amount may affect a rider’s ability to participate in future rides.


  • Special Incentive:
  • Riders who participate in charity events, rides, runs, walks, or marathons for organizations that partner with Cycle for Unity can dedicate their fundraising efforts toward those organizations. These events can include the ALYN Ride, Bike for Chai, Sadnat Shiluv and Melabev, amongst others. Cycle for Unity will send the proceeds of contributions made in your name on behalf of these organizations and any amount raised by you according to CFU’s Charity of Choice model and sent by Cycle for Unity will be applied to your future fundraising quotas on the organization’s behalf.

Certain Special Cases:

  • A percentage of any donations raised by you at the time of cancellation will be transferred to the charity of your choice
  • In special cases, you may contact the Cycle for Unity office, and, if appropriate, they will refer the matter to our Exceptions Committee.


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