Fund Racing

Cycle for Unity is about raising funds for the Charity of your Choice, having and amazing experience and the best and safest Ride possible. Participants must prepare physically for each Cycle for Unity Ride, as well as to gain sponsors.  Cycle for Unity provides tools to assist each rider in meeting their philanthropic goals. Each participant will be given a web page for promoting and publicizing his or her participation in Cycle for Unity; sharing his or her story; soliciting donations; posting photos; and interacting with Facebook and other social media. The site will include a fundraising tools and links to the charities he or she has chosen to support.

Fund Raising Goals

  • Once a rider registers with Cycle for Unity, the rider becomes a committed rider and is fully responsible for raising the fundraising minimum, whether or not the rider participates in the event.
  • Fundraising requirements for each rider depend upon the size of the group and the length of each ride.  The range runs from $180 (for a one-day ride in Israel) to $6,500 (for multi-day CFU signature program).
  • When setting your fundraising goal, please note that most riders raise more than the minimum goal.  This is your charity of choice and the more you raise the more you help to support them. Be realistic but set your goals high! If you set your goal higher than the minimum, you are still only obligated to raise the minimum amount.
  • Your goal can be adjusted +/- during your campaign
  • The charity you select can not be changed once your campaign has been launched and you begin receiving contributions.
  • Not raising the minimum amount may affect a rider’s ability to participate in future rides.

Other Charity Rides and Events?

  • Riders who participate in charity events, rides, runs, walks, swims or marathons for organizations that partner with Cycle for Unity can dedicate their fundraising efforts toward those organizations. These events can include the ALYN Ride, Bike for Chai, Swim For Sadna and Melabev, amongst others. Cycle for Unity will send the proceeds of contributions made in your name on behalf of these organizations and can be applied to your future fundraising quotas on the organization’s behalf.


  • A percentage of any donations raised by you at the time of cancellation will be transferred to the charity of your choice
  • In special cases, you may contact the Cycle for Unity office, and, if appropriate, they will refer the matter to our Exceptions Committee.
  • 75% of the minimum fundraising requirement is due 30 days prior to the start of each ride. Riders will be personally responsible for any outstanding balance towards the minimum fundraising requirement if they have not met this requirement by the deadline. 100% of the minimum fundraising requirement is due by the last day of each ride. Riders who have not raised the fundraising minimum will be personally responsible for any outstanding balance towards the minimum fundraising requirement if they have not met this requirement by the deadline.
  • If or any reason riders are unable to participate in the event, riders will still be committed to raising the fundraising minimum established for the event on or before such date. All donations processed by Cycle for Unity are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Please note that amounts raised for your charity can not be applied to cover program cost, airfare or any other portion of program



Updated May 2014

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