The health and safety of our participants is our highest priority. For multi-day rides, all participants will be required to undergo sufficient physical training before the Ride to ensure their ability to complete the bike routes and each will be required to submit a physician’s statement attesting to his or her fitness for CFU programs. A health professional (EMT, medic; a doctor for larger groups) will accompany the group and be available at all times. Participants will be required to wear helmets at all times when traveling by bicycle, and follow the rules of the road.

 The routes and all programs will be planned with security in mind, and on-site decisions such as where and when participants must stay with the group, when and how to change the itinerary in response to local emergencies, etc. will be set in consultation with both security and health experts, with a “safety first” approach, and will meet the highest standards for both Jewish summer trips in Europe and Israel, and bike trips in those areas.

Participants will be required to have carry their own insurance in case of emergency and necessary evacuation. In case of emergency or the occasional tired rider, the Ride will be accompanied by an emergency vehicle, and sag vehicles.

In Israel, all summer program routes are submitted for review to the 24-hour “situation room” run by the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) of which Cycle for Unity will be a member. This situation room is staffed by representatives from the Israeli army, the police, and the Department of Education, working together to monitor any factors that may affect the health and safety of groups traveling in the country. Cycle for Unity will also be in constant contact with The Jewish Agency, which will communicate any change in security arrangements directly and immediately to the Cycle for Unity staff.

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