Kashrut Policy

Cycle for Unity seeks to accommodate  riders from all denominational backgrounds, as well as those who have little or no affiliation. Cycle for Unity will create the respectful environment necessary for riders of different backgrounds to ride together and learn from one another. Unless otherwise noted, All Cycle for Unity (CFU) Bike Rides are kosher, with traditional observance of Shabbat; those who do not wish to observe those traditions are asked only to respect the religious environment for those who do. Prayer services will be available for those who wish to participate. All accommodations where food is served will be under rabbinical supervision and/or have a valid Kashrut certification.  If unexpected circumstances arise, we will deal with them in a halachically responsible manner that reflects our policy.

For specific questions regarding Kashrut or other dietary requests please contact us info@cycleforunity.org

updated January 2015

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