AKIM-Jerusalem, founded in 1951, is a non-profit, parents'-run association, promoting the welfare of persons with intellectual disabilities and developmental impairments who are of all ages and levels of functioning. We believe in every person’s right to enjoy suitable formal and informal education, maintain a valued social role, to exert full autonomy and to live a dignified life in his/her community of origin or in the one he/she chooses to live in.

At present, AKIM-Jerusalem cares for nearly 170 people aged 20-80 with different levels of intellectual disabilities through its 3 hostels, 17 group homes and apartments. In addition, AKIM-Jerusalem’s Family Support Center provides services to around 200 families of persons with disabilities who still live at home. These services include: an Extended School-day program, a Home Care program, Supported Environment project and a Training apartment program.

AKIM-Jerusalem is also proud to announce the re-opening of the Beit Rachel Straus building in Talpiot after its extensive renovation and refurbishment. The building will house our new "Center for Training, Treatment and Leisure" for both our own clients with special needs as well as for normative people from the general community

Our organization initiates and administers community based services in the areas of education, residential services, family support, leisure-time programs and para-medical and other professional and support services. We serve all needy persons irrespective of their religion, ethnicity, gender, national or other affiliation and this practice is also reflected in the composition of our staff and volunteers’ program.

To learn more about AKIM Jerusalem, visit their official website.

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