Bus 19 Project

Bus 19 Project The Bus 19 Project’s mission is to design and build an education pavilion and memorial garden that will serve to educate the public on the terrible effects of global terrorism and honor the memory of the 11 individuals who lost their lives due to the bombing of Egged Bus No. 19 in Jerusalem, Israel on January 29, 2004.  The education center will be open to students, EMTs, government agencies and other scheduled tour groups. Bus 19′s Journey: On January 29, 2004 shortly before 9 a.m., Egged Bus No. 19 was at the corner of Gaza and Arlozorov streets in Jerusalem, Israel.  A homicide bomber was on the back of the bus when he detonated his bomb.  The casualty count was ultimately set at 11 dead, and over 50 people wounded, 13 of them seriously.  The bus was brought to The Hague in the Netherlands in February 2004 for the hearings at the International Court of Justice.  These hearings dealt with the legality of Israel’s security fence, and Bus 19 was brought as a living testimony to silence Israel’s critics.  Following the trial, the bus toured the United States to bear witness to the tragedy of terrorism.  The bus is now rests at a Jewish day camp in Maryland awaiting its final transformation into the ultimate teaching tool.

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