ELEM was founded with the goal of assisting youth at risk and in distress, extracting them from their situation and helping them find their place in society as adults and citizens who are self-sufficient and contribute to their families and Israeli society.

ELEM was founded by a group of professionals and volunteers from Israel and the United States, and was registered as a nonprofit organization in 1983.
Since then, it has developed into a nationwide organization specializing in identifying the hardships inherent in the daily lives of youth in Israel, and in developing and operating relevant and innovative programs to respond to them, while keeping in mind the unique needs of different population groups.

ELEM is a real address for at-risk youth in close to 40 towns across the country and offers programs for a broad spectrum of issues facing youth, including personal crises experienced by normative adolescents, dropping out of educational frameworks, difficulties related to absorption, social problems, family problems, struggles with identity and belonging, exposure and addiction to drugs and alcohol, vagrancy, violence, sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, delinquency, prostitution and homelessness.



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