Enav is a home to 400 at-risk teenagers. The organization was founded in 1994 and has been a symbol for leading, innovating and professionalism ever since.

What we do:

Create, develop and implement therapeutic and educational tools for boys and girls whose past attempts for rehabilitation where unsuccessful. Using a comprehensive network which includes group homes, alternative therapy and outdoor activities, Enav tailors an individual program for each child to best serve his or her needs in order to ensure the best integration process back to society.

Where we do it:

Enav operates 11 group homes and 25 educational guide teams within governmental centers nation wide.

Why we do what we do:

We believe that each child disserves a fair chance. At-risk teenagers who make their way to facilities operated by Enav have not had that in life. Enav builds upon the belief that these kids have the potential, the will and the motivation to be part of society. We empower, strengthen, build confidence, restore hope, and nourish the will and the capability for a safe return to society.

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