Forgotten People Fund

Forgotten People Fund Israel’s Forgotten People Fund helps needy Ethiopian Jews. Empowering the disadvantaged to escape the cycle of poverty is at the top of its agenda. FPF’s scholarship assistance program seeks to fulfill what Maimonides referred to as the very highest form of charity – providing the means to enable a person to earn a livelihood. Students studying practical fields – nursing, engineering, accounting, social work, education and more – are assisted through tuition and/or stipends covering food, utilities and rent. Help is needed as a consequence of the difficult situation in much of the Ethiopian-Israel community in which parents themselves are in dire poverty and often dependent upon the student to contribute to family income. FPF also provides emergency aid to families in the form of food vouchers, clothing and medicine where there is an acute need and government resources cannot adequately respond. The Forgotten People Fund focuses on the Netanya area where close to 10% of Israel’s 130,000 Ethiopian-Israelis live. The organization has no paid staff. We’re all volunteers. This enables donations to make the greatest possible impact on bettering the lives of Ethiopian Jewry. To learn more about The Forgotten People Fund, visit their official website. Ride for the Forgotten People Fund

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