Halachic Organ Donor Society

Halachic Organ Donor Society The Halachic Organ Donor Society (HOD) works to save lives by increasing organ donations from Jews to the general population (Jews and non-Jews alike). It does so by educating Jews about the medical and halachic issues concerning organ donation so their decision about being an organ donor will be based on a complete understanding of the issue.  In addition, HOD offers a unique organ donor card that gives people the option of donating organs in accordance with their halachic beliefs.  HOD also matches living kidney donors with recipients. HOD’s accomplishments are many, including: Helping save over 200 lives; Changing perceptions about Jews regarding organ donation; Educating more than 30,000 people in more than 470 lectures; Recruiting more than 200 rabbis to register and carry organ donor cards; Raising awareness of halachic support for organ donation by publishing more than 100 articles, editorials, and letters to the editor.

To learn more about HOD, visit their official website.

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