Heart, Mind & Soul

Heart, Mind & Soul The mission of Heart, Mind & Soul (HMS) is to make a positive difference in the lives of Jewish teenagers and young adults.  Through interactive and engaging programs that build safety, promote introspection, and teach valuable intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, HMS seeks to raise the self-esteem and motivation of our youth, increase hope, and encourage them to develop a greater willingness to accept personal and communal responsibility. HMS’s flagship program is an extended weekend Shabbaton that blends a traditional youth group-style environment with an experiential workshop focusing on issues of leadership and personal development.  The workshop is designed to provide Jewish teens and young adults with practical, applicable tools that produce sustainable results in the areas of self-esteem, motivation, and personal development.  The program is run in conjunction with Your Infinite Life Training and Coaching Company, a Missouri-based company specializing in developing personal development and primary prevention programs for young adults. The program is beneficial to teens and young adults who are open to self-improvement and introspection (or who at least are open to the possibility of being open to introspection!), and is especially recommended for those who are interested in improving their leadership skills.

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