INBAR Inbar's mission is to create opportunities for social integration and marriage for adults with disabilities and to empower them with the tools for creating lasting, loving relationships. We offer shidduchim (matchmaking services) and sponsor singles events and marriage preparation workshops. Inbar's programs address special needs populations -- but are focused on empowering the healthy elements of their lives. The organization was initially established for religious adults with physical and sensory disabilities, and while this is still the major focus group, there are now over 450 members, ages 22-40, from different social groups and with various disabilities. Israel is a very family-oriented society with communities and social circles built mostly around couples and families.  People with disabilities often find themselves excluded from these circles. Inbar endeavors to combat the pain of loneliness – one of the greatest challenges of living with a disability – and to work for true social inclusion. Inbar is Israel's only organization working to help people with disabilities find their soul mate and live happily ever after.

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