Jerusalem Dental Center

Jerusalem Dental Center The Jerusalem Dental Center is a non-profit clinic that provides high-quality dental and preventive care at subsidized rates to families in Jerusalem and throughout Israel.  The clinic is dedicated to ensuring that children from poor families receive the professional dental care they deserve. As one of Israel’s top providers of non-profit dental services, the Jerusalem Dental Center has more than 325,000 patient visits on the books since the clinic opened in 1985. The staff of 30 highly trained professionals treats more than 12,000 children and adults a year at discounts of up to 80% off standard private-practice fees.  In cases where families can’t afford these minimal fees, the Jerusalem Dental Center sets up special payment programs and, at times, waives the fees altogether. The clinic uses the most modern methods and provides the best, most effective treatment possible to its patients.

To learn more about the Jerusalem Dental Center, visit their official website.

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