Just One Life

Just One Life Every day in Israel, in moments of panic and distress, expectant mothers in crisis, struggle with the consequences of their pregnancy.  Already stretched to their limit economically and psychologically, they fear the future. Distraught and conflicted, pushed to the brink, they sees no way out. Women with medically at risk pregnancies face difficult decisions as well. Just One Life offers help! Just One Life offers expectant mothers a helping hand to guide them through the months of pregnancy and beyond. Just One Life enables and empowers mothers to have the children they so desire. We provide each family financial support to help them through their crisis.  And in every case, our professional staff of social workers provide supportive emotional counseling and a sympathetic ear during the challenging times. Indeed, for thousands of women, Just One Life attends to their emotional and material needs so a mother is enabled and empowered to have her baby. Just One Life is a 501(c)-3 nonprofit organization, whose focus is the Israeli family faced with the dilemma of an untimely or medically at risk pregnancy. When pregnant women are grappling with difficult choices, it is important for them to know that they are not alone, that there is an organization - caring people and dedicated mental health professionals - that they can turn to for assistance. Just One Life is a social service agency run by a professional and highly committed team of social workers. We provide a safety net and a listening ear to expectant mothers who are confronted with financial, emotional or medical difficulties. For nearly 25 years, Just On Life has helped thousands of women in crisis and today we celebrate over 13,500 babies born. To learn more about Just One Life, visit their official website Ride for Just One Life

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