Kav L’Noar

Kav L’Noar Kav L’Noar was founded in 2004 to address the unique needs of teens whose families immigrated from English-speaking countries. Since 2007, we have expanded our mission to include both native and other foreign born families. Since its inception, Kav L’Noar’s professional staff of psychologists and family therapists has developed and refined a unique model of intervention which addresses the entire family system as a whole. Our goal is to help families build the strongest and most resilient relationships possible, empowering them to face the future without continued need for professional involvement. Kav L’Noar engages families and their teenagers, ages 10-18 confronting challenges that include family discord, poor academic performance, aliya adjustment, social issues, religious issues, physical, verbal & sexual abuse, depression, bereavement, medical issues, eating disorders, substance abuse and post traumatic stress. We provide professional, comprehensive and culturally sensitive services in English or in Hebrew in a setting that is safe and comfortable. These include individual, marital and family therapy, therapeutic mentoring, community education lectures, parenting workshops and psycho-educational activities for teenagers. We have also created a media library and web site. All of our services and programs are offered on a sliding-fee scale and no one is denied service due to an inability to pay. Kav L’Noar’s staff takes great pride in the impact our interventions have had on reducing school dropout rates, improving school performance, reducing at-risk behaviors of teens, strengthening relationships within the family and improving self-perception. Our caring staff also provides continuous follow-up which includes interim evaluations and support for as long as a family needs us to remain involved. Our mission is to be the primary provider of behavioral and emotional rehabilitative services to families with adolescents at risk. Our dream is to bring our model – one that is replicable with other ethnic groups as well – to other cities across Israel! To learn more about KAV L’NOAR, visit their official website. Ride for KAV L’NOAR

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