Keren Malki

Keren Malki Keren Malki was founded in 2001 by the parents of Malki Roth, who was murdered in a terrorist attack on Jerusalem’s Sbarro restaurant in August 2001 when she was fifteen. Through her experience with her own severely disabled youngest sister, Malki dedicated herself to bringing happiness and practical support to the lives of special-needs children. Inspired by the tragedy of death and her love and commitment, Malki’s family established Keren Malki (in English: the Malki Foundation) to honour her memory and perpetuate her legacy. Since its inception as an Israel-based, not-for-profit and registered charity, Keren Malki has become an invaluable source of support to Israeli families who choose to care for their special-needs child in the family home. The Malki Foundation (in Hebrew: Keren Malki) empowers the families of special- needs children in Israel to choose home care. It does this in three ways: by long-term lend- ing of essential home-care equipment; by the homes of special-needs children living in Israel’s periphery communities. Behind Keren Malki’s work is the conviction that parents are usually the best advocates and caregivers for a disabled child. Their efforts deserve maximum encouragement and support. Keren Malki provides unique and effective support to Israeli families who care at home for a child with special needs granting funds to greatly subsidize the cost of para-medical therapeutic care; and, via the Zlata Hersch Memorial Therapists on Wheels Program, by bringing therapists into the homes of special-needs children living in Israel’s periphery communities.

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