Lev LaLev

Lev LaLev The Lev LaLev (Heart to Heart) Fund partners with the Rubin-Zeffren Children’s Home in Netanyaby providing financial support for the many programs and services needed to help its young residents –  orphaned and disadvantaged girls from across Israel – move beyond their often tragic circumstances and grow to be well-adjusted young women and self-sufficient and productive citizens. Every girl receives personal attention and care by an interdisciplinary support staff of professionals who ensure that the Children’s Home is a warm, loving and supportive environment with a family-like atmosphere. Lev LaLev Fund covers all costs for the girls’ food, clothing, tutoring, mental health services, recreational trips and summer camp programs, and has recently sponsored the construction of an outdoor playground on the grounds of the orphanage, as well as a computer and media center and a music room. To learn more about Lev LaLev, visit their official website. Ride for Lev LaLev

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