Lone Soldier Center

Lone Soldier Center The Lone Soldier Center in Memory of Michael Levin was founded in 2009 by a group of former lone soldiers who were concerned about the needs and struggles of the more than 5,000 lone soldiers serving in the IDF.  The Lone Soldier Center is the first and only organization solely dedicated to meeting all of the physical and social needs of lone soldiers in Israel. Each year, thousands of young immigrants and volunteers arrive in Israel alone, to join the Israel Defense Forces and do their part in protecting Israel and the Jewish people.  Serving in the IDF can be a difficult task at times, and many lone soldiers are in dire need of guidance, support and community. The Lone Soldier Center steps in by providing lone soldiers with a network of lone soldiers, advisors, adopted families and more. The organization’s volunteer staff members have served as lone soldiers themselves and, therefore, possess a unique understanding of what lone soldiers truly want and need before, during and following their army service.  This intrinsic connection to the lone soldier community has enabled the organization to successfully assist and develop deep personal relationships with thousands of lone soldiers to date. To learn more about the Lone Soldier Center, visit their official website. Ride for Lone Soldier Center

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