Oraita The Jack E. Gindi Oraita Program: Oraita clubs are designed to a be a sanctuary from the violent street culture in 10 Israeli cities and towns, providing teens with a safe hangout and a study hall for Jewish values. Equipped with pool tables, video games, ping pong, and a Beit Midrash, the club is a place to bolster visitors’ self-confidence and strengthen their Jewish identity.   In addition to games, evenings at the Oraita clubs include short Torah classes, discussions regarding moral issues, and seminars on topics ranging from violence prevention to financial responsibility. Oraita also offers Erev Shabbat dinners and trips to promote Jewish identity and strengthen participants’ connection to their Jewish roots. Teens are encouraged to identify with Jewish values, to take pride in themselves and their communities, and to take responsibility for their future. Oraita staff also serves as educational role models for the teens at the clubs, giving them a sense of direction in life, a listening ear, and an open heart. Ride for Oraita

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