Strength to Strength

Strength to Strength Strength to Strength is a non-profit organization established to assist victims of terrorism with their long-term psychological needs through regular meetings and the provision of information and advice.  Strength to Strength also runs initiatives that raise awareness about the unmet needs of victims and their families. Recognizing that we are all responsible for each other, and that those directly impacted by terrorism or the loss of a loved one deserve no less than our very best, Strength to Strength brings victims of terrorism from around the world together in order to share their experiences and move forward with their lives despite the trauma they have experienced. The organization’s most successful program is the Young Ambassadors Program (YAP), which brings together young people ages 14-20 who lost either a parent or immediate family member in a terrorist attack or were injured themselves.  The week-long program combines fun activities and meetings with political and community leaders in order to empower the participants and encourage them to share their experiences with each other, all to bring about healing. To learn more about Strength to Strength, visit their official website. Ride for Strength to Strength

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