The Farley Project

The Farley Project It seems that every day brings us a new headline about another young person  killing themselves because the pain they have endured from the constant bullying  is simply too much to bare.  Our kids are killing themselves and each other. This is unacceptable.  It has to stop.  And it has to stop now. We can’t have schools and camps and communities that stand by and watch children being persecuted by their peers.  We have to protect each other the way  we would our neighborhood if houses were broken into. We are on a mission to change the bullying conversation.  Too many people are  stuck in the mindset that kids pick on kids and that is simply part of growing up.   We know better.  And it is our goal to share what we know with schools, camps  and communities throughout the country in hopes of opening a new, modern  dialogue and a more compassionate view of what it means to be the recipient  of a bully’s cruelty.

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