Roll Through Romania

Rolling Through Romania

July – August


Cycle for Unity brings you the ultimate 9-day biking tour through Romania.  Enjoy the pristine and awe-inspiring mountain ranges and plateaus of the Romanian countryside…while raising funds for the charitable project or cause of your choice!

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Tentative Itinerary:

Day 1:  Independent arrival to Bucharest; hotel check-in; group meeting and introduction.  An evening tour in Bucharest.

Day 2:  The biking adventure begins at the Sinaia Resort, also called the Pearl of the Carpathiansfor its elegant beauty. Sinaia is situated in an idyllic mountainous region on the Prahova River valley, what used to be the summer retreat of the Romanian Royal Family. Riders will explore the Peles Royal Castle and countless trails suitable for extreme downhill biking.

Day 3:  The ride continues in the Baiului Mountains, a series of challenging trails from which one can catch glimpses of magnificent mountain ranges, including the Bucegi and Eastern Carpathians.

Day 4:  Riders will return to Sinaia to blaze a trail through the Bucegi Mountains with the goal of reaching the famed Bran Castle, the home of the legendary Vlad the Impaler (i.e. Count Dracula of the medieval lore).

Day 5: Escaping the Count’s Castle, the group will ride through the beautiful Bran area. There are routes for riders of all skill levels.

Day 6: The group will enjoy a peaceful Shabbat in the old town of Brasov. Activities will include a tour of the town’s early 20th century synagogue.

Day 7: The ride will take a turn through some impressive Saxon villages, such as Viscri, where riders can interact with local farmers and lend a hand milking cows.

Day 8: The ride winds down with some great biking trails in Poiana Brasov.

Day 9: On the final day of the tour, riders will explore Transylvanian towns in search of Jewish heritage.

The Commitment


Registration Opens SOON

In order to participate in the program, riders must commit to:

  • Training in the months prior the ride
  • Raising $3000 for a charity of their choice (all 501c3 or 46A organizations are eligible to become beneficiaries);
  • Safety, security and decency guidelines outlined by Cycle for Unity.
  • Read about Fund-Racing and special incentives here
  • Unless otherwise noted, donations to your charity of choice are not applied to cover program cost or airfare.

Instead of encouraging each rider to raise funds for a predetermined charity, our “Charitable Champions” help shape the program and their own philanthropic destinies by raising money for charities and non-profit organizations that they choose on their own. Allowing our riders to choose the beneficiaries of the charitable work in which they have invested so much of themselves motivates them to succeed at the task at hand and ignites the spark for continued creative and generous giving. Cycle for Unity provides each rider with a robust platform and all the social networking tools they’ll need to launch a successful campaign.

If you are interested in this CFU ride  please send us an e-mail.

Registration Opens in June

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Prices & Terms

Total Cost, excluding bike rental and travel to Romania: $2,000. Special Fundraising Incentives available

Unless otherwise notes, all Cycle for Unity programs includes premium hotels and accommodations, 3 great meals a day, excellent bikes, guides, and admission fees for regularly scheduled activities for the duration of the trip. Prices do not include flights, spending money for gifts, tips and snacks or any optional purchases. Please note that amounts that you raise for your charity can not be applied to cover program cost, airfare or any other portion of program

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  • $250 non-refundable application fee
  • The cost is based on double occupancy (room share)
  • Single supplement- 210€
  • 50% Deposit upon approval
  • Balance due 45 days before departure

The $250 application fee (not included in the cost of the program but is applied to the fundraising goal), must be submitted at the time of application through our online registration system. Upon approval to any program, CFU requires a 50% deposit to secure a bike on the program. If the deposit is not paid within two weeks of acceptance, CFU reserves the right to re-assign the bike to another applicant. Please note – the deposit is a portion of the overall program cost and does not represent an additional expense.

75% of the minimum fundraising requirement is due 30 days prior to the start of each ride. Riders will be personally responsible for any outstanding balance towards the minimum fundraising requirement if they have not met this requirement by the deadline. 100% of the minimum fundraising requirement is due by the last day of each ride. Riders who have not raised the fundraising minimum will be personally responsible for any outstanding balance towards the minimum fundraising requirement if they have not met this requirement by the deadline.


It is mandatory to purchase a supplemental rescue and evacuation insurance policy. The Number of the policy and the emergency number should be delivered to Cycle for Unity up to 15 days before departure

Withdrawals, Refunds & Cancellations

Many of the expenses that Cycle for Unity pays in advance to our vendors are non-refundable. Therefore, we have developed the following refund schedule to help us cover some of those non-refundable expenses should you choose to cancel from the program.

Upon cancellation, please notify our office by phone or email immediately. However, refunds are processed solely upon receipt of WRITTEN NOTIFICATION to Cycle for Unity. To accomplish this, you may send us an email (using the email address we have for you on file) to with your official notice of cancellation.

If your written cancellation is received on or before:

  • Cancellation Up to: 45 business days before departure there will be a charge of 150€ PP
  • From 44-30 business days before departure 30% of the tour costs + 175€
  • From 29-15 business days before departure 50% of the tour costs + 175€
  • From 14-7 business days before departure 75% of the tour costs + 175€
  • 6 business days before departure, 100% of the tour costs.

For people with serious and unexpected medical emergencies, please contact CFU immediately. Also, please remember that once a program begins, there are no refunds upon early termination for any reason from the program. Credit card payments will be refunded less any service fee to recover the percentage retained by the credit card company.


Please Note: Itinerary, prices and fundraising commitment are subject to change with notice due to airline surcharges, weather, unforeseen logistical alterations, large currency fluctuations or pricing alterations made by hotels, bus companies, and/or attractions.

Cycle for Unity aims to train and produce “Charitable Champions,” bolster Jewish unity and promote the culture of Jewish philanthropy.

Cycle for Unity is about promoting the Charity of your Choice to as many people as possible, helping you raise as much money as possible for your cause and important causes across in Israel, the US and across the globe.

Your Target: The purpose of CFU Rides, over and above having the ride of your life and overcoming all kinds of challenges you never thought you could handle, is to raise money for the charity of your choice.

Although the conditions for registration state that each rider must raise a MINIMUM of $3000 participants in these types of programs can raise much more that that!! We’ll even have recognition awards and gifts for the highest achieving fundraisers!

We expect you to really hit your iPhone (or favorite electronic gadget), and ask people you know, family and friends, anyone you’re related to, do business with, or think might like to help you in your incredible venture in support of a cause you believe in so deeply. Don’t be bashful. Ask your contacts what you think they can afford to give.

How do you begin? Select one of Cycle for Unity’s preferred organizational beneficiary or a choose a charity of your choice. Learn as much as you can about the charity of your choice and the different lives that are improved and changed by their incredible staff. Then think of all the people from all the circles in your life that you want to tell about this cause, Cycle for Unity and your upcoming biking experience.

You will be amazed at the list you can compile if you think about your friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, as well as acquaintances from schools, universities, synagogues, health clubs, bike clubs, professional associations and anyone related to your business.

Don’t forget about businesses and corporations that may have funds earmarked for charity and/or public and community relations. Cycle for Unity offers a wonderful public relations opportunities as well

Why should people give? People give to people. The main reason that people will give is because you have asked them to and how you have asked. Don’t let the thought of asking frighten you; just invite everyone you know to share the experience with you.

Remember, donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE to the extent allowed by the laws governing the countries in which donations are made.

Writing letters: The first paragraph of any letter is always what grabs the reader so tell your friends immediately that you are doing this ride because you want to help the charity of your choice.

Timing: We suggest that you contact people as soon as possible.

Thank you’s: Everyone of your sponsors will receive an official thank you and receipt. It is highly recommended to also send your own personal thank you.

Suggested size of donation: Amounts of sponsorships vary widely. Knowing what the donations are used for may help you decide what to ask for.

Write those LETTERS
Make those PHONE CALLS
Keep up your TRAINING

Organizational Beneficiaries